About Us

Human brain is designed for stories. Each of U has a listener and a teller with in- which play the keystones in communication. Civilizations flourished on story-telling & culture evolved through story-telling. But U are living in a technology driven century where your listening, telling and imagination are confined only to screens of various sizes.

Of course U have stories around U today! But not of the same genre, which many of your earlier generations (some of U belong to it, I’m sure) were fortunate enough to have during your leisure-time as well as bed-time. For them it reminds of a mesmerizing childhood when mothers & grandmothers even fathers or grandfathers turned to pied pipers who took them to the irresistible magical world of fascination, fun, fantasy, imagination, curiosity & critical thinking. That was the time many befriended with Alice, Mowgli, Rip Van Winkle, Snow White, Tarzan, Robinson Crusoe, Tom Sawyer, Akbar, Birbal, Vikram…….his Vetal, the wise Crow, the cunning Fox, Beauty …..and of course the Beast. That was the time a generation was replenished after the unsophisticated toil of a hard day, with the warmth of love and unconditional assurance -‘honey, come what may, I’m here for you’. That was the time your adults equipped their new gen with the skills essential for handling day-to-day challenges in life.

Can’t it be marked as wisdom, if your young champions are connected to enthralling stories from around the world, with the help of the much adored technology?

- Stories that will heighten your child’s ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in an articulate and lucid manner?

- Stories that will remind gently your little sweet heart that spoken words are powerful; and that listening along with orating, is an art.

And when was the last time U took your Alice to her wonderland & your little Crusoe to that adventurous journey?

A story is a real or an imaginary account of people or events, when shared with improvisation, theatrics or embellishment becomes very effective tool for entertainment, education, cultural preservation & for instilling values & life-skills. It has a chain of events that begins at one place and ends at another.

It starts from a setting in status quo- once upon a time, in the jungle……..

Moves to characters – all animals lived peacefully & life was good.

Then arises the problem – a gang of hunters entered the jungle.

And now it’s time for a solution - they jointly met the king – the lion; together made a plan and executed it. The intruders had no choice but to quit.

As the story progresses, it mirrors to the child how to engage to the inner self; how to face the problem that shoots up as the life unfolds; why he or she should change, either self or the world around & how to do it. In short, as the story evolves the child also evolves into a stronger, healthy person, fit for 21st century living.

With parents getting busier and grandparents being washed off from modern nuclear families, the new gen children are getting deprived of such life-coaching stories.


  • Expands creativity
  • Improves listening
  • Strengthens communication
  • Creates a culture of cooperation & collaboration
  • Articulates thoughts, feelings and needs
  • Instills empathy
  • Boosts problem solving skills
  • Contributes in successful interpersonal relationships
  • Heightens critical thinking capacity
  • Betters emotion management
  • Enhances decision making
  • Cultivates respect for different points of view
  • Helps in understanding acceptable behavior in a very young age
  • Improves confidence
  • Provides better self-awareness
  • Strengthens language skills
  • Plays an important role in academic success
  • Imparts emotional well-being
  • Gives total control over stressful situations in life

About Us

Don’t U really want to auspicate your child’s life-journey with that miraculous life coaching tool called stories?

And do U find a dearth of time, energy & good stories after a long hectic day?

Here we are - 24 Stories - an online story telling platform that opens in front of your child, a Pandora of stories throughout the year.

What we do?

We create. We communicate. We collaborate. And will make U to do so.

We handpicked with utmost care & passion, on behalf of you, stories from the vintage collections- Aesop tales, Panchathanthra, Jataka tales, Aithihyamaala, Vikram & Vetal, Arabian tales, Hindu Mythology, The Bible, Buddhism, Indian History, Kerala History and finally folk tales from other countries.

With an aim of optimizing two human faculties - auditory and imagination- experts at 24 Stories, re-created & re-told capturing the soul of each tale with the latest human technology in the industry. We then, blend it with tranquilling bgm and deliver it to you as fine quality mp3 files. 24 fascinating stories will reach your child a month, one each a day, for 24 days, from 1st of every month till 24th.

From 25th to 30th, an Art Room will be open in our website where children can express their creativity, participate in crosswords, weave & post own stories, send feed backs & have fun.

Fun-tertainment through the wonder of much loved technology!!

Who can subscribe?

Primarily designed for children up to the age of 12

But do you still believe stories are too kiddish to U to subscribe?

Come on……

Break that mould now!!!

It will help U if U are a: Parent/prospective parent expecting a baby soon/Teacher/HR head/ Marketing executive/ Trainer/Orator/Student/young professional getting ready for campus interviews/Team mate/ Friend/ Lover/Politician/ Police officer/Lawyer/ Artist……..the list goes on.

And finally….an adult who still cherishes the most wonderful child inside